'Foraging' Framed Print

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Size 7" x 7"
Framing Black Maple (Ships within 1 Week)


This artwork is created digitally - any ‘texture’ present in the image is printed onto archival quality matte paper using professional grade equipment.

We have partnered with Level Frames to offer custom framing! If you would like to edit the material, dimensions, features, etc. of your frame, you can purchase the print unframed from us and use Level’s frame editor here

All prints are original pieces created by Daren Thomas Magee. 

  • All dimensions are listed in inches.
  • Level Frames builds handcrafted custom frames, made in the USA with conservation-grade materials. They use acrylic instead of traditional glass due to its lighter weight, strength, and level of clarity. 

Unframed prints usually ship within 1-3 business days

  • If any of the prints in your order are 22 x 22 inches or larger, all prints in your order will be rolled and shipped in a postal tube. 
  • If  all of the prints in your order are 11 x 11 inches or smaller, all prints will be shipped flat in either an envelope or sufficiently sized shipping container.

Framed prints can take up to 1 week before shipping to you. (Good work takes time!)

  • Shipping times may be shorter depending on demand and proximity to your address.
  • If your order contains items other than the framed print(s), they will be shipped separately within 1-3 business days of placing your order.

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